M/S Happy Days

M/S Happy Days

• Length: 17,5m
• Width: 3,9m
• Draft: 1,9m
• Motor: Iveco, diesel
• Wood-heated sauna
• WC
• Gas  grill and stowe
• Refrigerator
• Salon and two cabins downstairs

This iron ship was built in Sweden at Robert Sjöström's workshop in Gävle. The ship worked since 1886 at local sawmill. The owner sold the ship in 1920 and the buyer was found in Finland. The businessman Julius Stenroos from Vyborg was the new owner of the ship.

The ship was bought by Repola Wood Ltd. and it was named Repola I. In the spring of 1945, REPOLA I was placed on the reserve list by the Defense Forces and transported from Lappeenranta to Hamina by rail. The ship was operating on the coast as a minesweeper for three summers.

Then came the 1960s, the last decade of steam ships. Rauma Repola had already started to build new efficient Sulka-type engines. A few old ships were left on the dock to wait their destiny, including REPOLA I. However, the company could no longer find any use for it.

The ship was put on sale and was bought by Yrjö Lindholm from Lappeenranta in the 1970s. He didn't use it anymore, but sold it to his friends from Lahti who removed the steam supply and replaced it with a diesel engine. The name of the ship was RETU 2, and it made charter cruises in Saimaa. When it was finally brought to Päijänne, it continued with similar cruises. The name just changed to M/S Happy Days. A company called Ruorilinja was established in 1993 and started to market corporate cruises from Lahti to the whole area of Päijänne. At that time, Pentti Kettunen from Lahti had bought the shares from the other shareholders. In the spring of 2011, Esa Mykkänen bought a ship from Pentti and has continued cruise operations to this day.

Source: Isoisän Laivat, Wirrankoski

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